Why Not Play Movies On Your Head?

A group of Russian inventors have taken the concept of public curation to new heights--above your forehead.

If you’ve ever wished you could display your YouTube playlists, ahem, publicly, then your wait is over. The Cyclops Snapback Cap is here to bring media consumption into the 21st century--by strapping an LCD screen to the front of a baseball cap and allowing you to stream media from your phone.

The prospect of streaming that Game of Thrones episode for friends and family on a 960x640 screen atop your face may indeed be alluring. But we couldn’t help but imagine hooking this thing up to Google Glass, and showing the world what you’re actually seeing--as you’re seeing it. Call it real-time vicarious living. Or call it stupid. Either way, it’s hard to avoid the idea that we’re all becoming walking digital billboards.

The Snapback Cap revolution will be funded by an upcoming Indiegogo, so check out their selection of sick cap styling concepts for which tier of awesome you’d like to fund. As long as you don’t snap up all the leather-and-wood caps before I get to them--because dibs.