Copy Your Content Strategy From These Top Brands On Instagram

As of January, 2013, at least four brands have passed one million Instagram followers—talk about smart content strategy. More than 30 have over 100,000 followers there. Here they are: Now grab your phone and do your best imitation.

Especially for smaller companies, Instagram is an ideal content-marketing platform because it's so inexpensive to produce compelling. For big companies, it's your best shot at seeming natural and organic, and the low-overhead aesthetic means you needn't fuss over expensive copywriting.

Here are the companies with retail stores at the top of Instagram's popularity list. Via SocialFresh:

Victoria’s Secret 1,363,468 followers
Nike 838,177 followers
Forever21 673,560 followers
Burberry 651,199 followers
Top Shop 518,466 followers
asos 468,706 followers
H&M 456,614 followers
Adidas (Adidas Originals) 393,282 followers
Tiffany 347,071 followers
Gucci 341,935 followers
Coach 121,568 followers
Ralph Lauren 112,374 followers
Adidas 109,793 followers
Gap 77,683 followers
Armani 73,874 followers
The North Face 63,932
Puma 47,738 followers
Levi’s 43,284 followers

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  • Sarah Payton

    Has anyone seen @Vitaminshoppe?  Pretty amazing what they've done on there-- at least for a company working in the health supplement industry.  I'm fairly sure that they're the only brand doing weekly contesting, plus a healthy mix of product features, fan shoutouts, open questions, and some stuff that's just really fun and creative.  Anyone know which social agency they work with? 

  • Ashley K. Edwards

    I think this is an interesting list. And speaks to just how much consumers want to connect with big brands in this space. I follow most of these, and quite honestly I don't think any of them are really doing anything innovative, per say, in this channel (although I do think H&M has done some fun stuff in the past).