Big Data Jobs Around The Nation (And What They Pay)

An interactive graphic about where you can apply your data expertise, courtesy of Tableau, the data visualization company that filed to go public last week. You can create your own visualizations for free at Tableau Public.

Image by JD Hancock on Flickr

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  • Data Scientist

    Hard to tell for certain, but are you averaging salary data with both annual salaries and hourly salaries without adjusting the time scale? The 61K salary appears about 20-30K lower than data at my disposal for these job categories. Also, a category like "data analyst" is quite broad and would include tremendous variation in skill levels and education depending on the actual job and employer. I would love to analyze your data more closely before concluding it's faulty. It's certainly is off the mark with data I have collected of the past several years placing people in exactly these kinds of positions.

    Finally since "Big Data" is only one facet of your study, the title is misleading. Data Scientist and Hadoop are reasonably narrow ways of defining occupational positions, but a category like data analyst is going to contain quite a number of positions that don't fall in the Big Data bucket.

    Anyway, nice idea. I can see this kind of work being helpful in the future.